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Opening ceremony and concert of the ensemble Profeti della Quinta

Assembly of the City of Belgrade

25. january 2018.

The first edition of Rossi fest was opened with the concert, named The Songs of Solomon, of the amazing ensemble Profeti della Quinta, famous for their interepretation of Rossi`s music. The concert was held in the beautiful hall of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, where the audience could here premiere perfotmaces od Rossi`s, as well as Elam Rotem`s pieces.

Profeti Della Quinta

Focusing on repertoire from the 16th and early 17th centuries, ensemble Profeti della Quinta aims to create vivid and expressive performances for audiences today while, at the same time, considering period performance practices. From its core of five male singers, the ensemble collaborates regularly with instrumentalists and additional singers.

Ensemble Profeti della Quinta is based in Basel, Switzerland, where its members undertook further studies of early music at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. The ensemble collaborates regularly with colleagues from Switzerland, Japan and Australia, sharing with them similar musical ideas.

The ensemble has recorded two CDs of the music of the early Baroque Jewish-Italian composer Salomone Rossi, as well as the Penitential Psalms by Orlando di Lasso. Profeti della Quinta have also premiered and recorded two works composed especially for the ensemble by Elam Rotem, Rappresentatione di Giuseppe e i suoi fratelli and Quia amore langueo. In addition, they are featured in a documentary film by Joseph Rochlitz, Hebreo: The Search for Salomone Rossi, and have had their concerts broadcast by numerous international radio stations.

Profeti della Quinta have been active in performing and researching hitherto neglected repertoire, such as Emilio de' Cavalieri's Lamentations (1600) and Salomone Rossi's Hashirim asher li'Shlomo (1623), the first publication of polyphony in Hebrew, which they also recorded to critical acclaim. In 2011, Ensemble Profeti della Quinta won York Early Music Young Artists Competition, and has since toured Europe, North America, Japan, China and Israel. It has performed in prestigious festivals and venues, such as the Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht, the Shanghai concert hall, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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