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Opera: Bastien and Bastienne

W. A. Mozart

Sunday, January 24

National Theatre in Belgrade, Raša Plaović Stage, 19h



Rossi Fest is organizing a charity event for children and youth, in cooperation with the National Theatre in Belgrade – an opera performance of Bastien and Bastienne. This initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of music in childhood education and also to enable children to express their creative potential. 


One of the shortest operas written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one-act singspiel Bastien and Bastienne, was composed when he was only 12 years old and it is one of Mozart’s earliest operas. It was commissioned from young Mozart by an eccentric Viennese physician dr Franz Mesmer in 1768.

Bastien and Bastienne, one of Mozart’s first operas, is ideal for introducing young audiences to the opera genre and therefore adapted into an interactive play for children. Bastien and Bastienne are engaged in love games created by Kolas, and to prove their mutual affection they even use social networks, which make them bond closer and drift apart simultaneously. Another participant in the game is also Kolina, who watches the play with the audience and reveals the secrets of opera to them. This libretto adaptation aims to make it contemporary for children and young people and introduce the opera genre to younger audiences with educational content through the character Kolina.

How will this love story end? Is the magic of Kolas strong enough to reconcile the lovers after a quarrel? Or, perhaps, magic is not necessary for true love?


Director - Ana Grigorović

Conductor - Stefan Zekić

Scenograf - Jasna Saramandić

Kostim - Katarina Grčić Nikolić


Bastienne- Mina Gligorić 

Bastien - Siniša Radin 

Colas - Miloš Milojević

Collina - Bojana Bambić 


Mrs First violin - Edit Makedonska

Mrs Second violin - Snežana Dragićević

Mr Viola - Mirko Crnojević

Mr Cello- Siniša Jovanović

Mrs Oboa - Marija Lazić

Mrs Piano - Nada Matijević

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