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Vokal Ensembl Elinor (Slovenia)

Atrijum narodnog muzeja

29. januar 2022. u 20:30

The final evening, January 29, will be marked by a concert by the attractive vocal ensemble Elinor from Slovenia, which will present a refreshing program composed of compositions of a wide range of styles - from the time of Salomon Rossi to the present day.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased in Vulkan bookstores or at the following link.

The Elinor Ensemble represents significant cultural gain of the ancient region, focusing on achieving quality vocal production. The ensemble performs Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary music, records thematically diverse programs.

Vocal coach, choir leader and singer Robert Feguš links with his highly qualified and specialized pedagogic work in the field of vocal techniques, different fields of musical theory, general medicine, vocal pedagogic and performing practices (most of all in the segment of choral music). As you can see he leaves a significant contribution of wide range as well as high quality to Slovenian culture. He is an esteeming vocal coach who cooperates with different Slovenian singers, choirs and vocal compositions in the form of professional and educational seminars, he also works a lot with JSKD (the Public Fund for cultural activities) specifically with the section of choral music. In 18 years of artistic presence he has performed with various vocal casts in more than 500 concerts.

Vocal coach Robert Feguš with an exhaustive knowledge of his professional field there can be essentially contributed to the rise of the performance practice in the domain of choral music and vocal music in general.

-- Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, January 2018




Wilhelm Nagel (1871-1955)

Schöne Nacht

Text: Carl Busse


Salomonone Rossi (1570-1630)


Judovska molitev


Vilko Ukmar (1905-1991) 


Text: Srečko Kosovel


Vilko Ukmar (1905-1991) 

Skica na koncertu

Text: Srečko Kosovel


Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924) 

Beati quorum via

Psalm 119, 1


Damijan Močnik (1967) 

Verbum supernum prodiens 

Text: Sv. Tomaž Akvinski


Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) 

Est ist ein Ros entsprungen

Text: Sv. Tomaž Akvinski


Marij Kogoj (1892-1956) 

Večerni zvon

Text: Anton Medved


Alexander Campkin (1984)

The Crimson Sun

Text: Cardinal Newman


Fabriel Fauré (1845-1924)

Pie Jesu

Arr: Barnaby Smith


The Road Home

from Southern Harmony, 1835 

Arr: Stephen Paulus 

Text: Michael Dennis Browne

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