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Opera:  Carmen, a tragedy, G. Bizet

Tuesday, February 2nd, 19h

National Theater, Main stage


Carmen by Georges Bizet is one of the most famous opera tragedies. In a dramaturgical intervention by Peter Brook, the storyline becomes more dense, intense, and outlined. With the omission of some original characters and lacking the emphasis on the vivid scenery of the original story, the “new” Carmen relies on exploring relations between characters and underlines the problem of the suffering of a Roma woman.


A local pre-performance of opera Carmen, one tragedy in production of Rossi fest additionally contemporized the adaptation of Bizet’s Carmen, focusing on the problem of social adaptation of Roma and migrants in the systems of European countries, facing all kinds of discriminations during the migrant crisis from 2015-2019. Freedom that Carmen, the first Roma heroine in opera, sings about is the same freedom sought by socially vulnerable groups - freedom of movement, right to work, and finally a right to free love. It is precisely the emphasis on the passionate affair between Carmen and Don Jose from the sociological aspect that enables the play directed by Ana Grigorovic and conducted by Stefan Zekic, to problematize relations between state, police, and minorities – Roma and migrants.


How much is a woman’s life worth and is it worth at all? How big is the responsibility of the state if the life of an individual is endangered? Carmen, one tragedy is not just a story of great love and tragedy, but also a social commentary asking questions and calling for responsibility. 


Scenic movement is designed by Tamara Pjević, scenography by Dunja Kostić, and costumes by Ivana Ivić. A young and talented group of singers and actors is led by Nataša Rašić as Carmen, together with Marko Živković (Don Jose), Vuk Zekić (Escamillo), Evgenija Jeremić (Micaela), Pavle Žarkov (Zuniga), Nemanja Stamatović (Lillas Pastia) and Đorđe Živadinović Grgur (Garcia).

Rediteljka - Ana Grigorović

Dirigent - Stefan Zekić

Scenografija - Dunja Kostić

Kostim - Ivana Ivić

Scenski pokret - Tamara Pjević

Video - Matija Novaković

Dizajn svetla - Vlada Marinkovski


Karmen - Nataša Rašić

Don Žoze - Marko Živković

Eskamiljo - Vuk Zekić

Mikaela - Evgenija Jeremić

Zuniga - Pavle Žarkov

Lilas Pastja - Nemanja Stamatović

Garsija - Đorđe Živadinović Grgur



Vesna Jansens, koncert majstor

Aleksandra Dimitrijević, violina

Mirko Crnojević, viola

Jasmina Vrbanić, violončelo

Svetozar Vujić, kontrabas

Srđan Jaraković, klavir

Ana Popović, flauta

Marija Lazić, oboa

Mihailo Samoran, klarinet

Ana Đorđević, fagot

Igor Lazić, horna

Nenad Ninković , truba

Ivan Jovanović, trombon

Aleksandar Radulović, perkusije

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