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After a long break caused by the pandemic, Rossi Fest is organizing the first opera premiere in Belgrade. The famous work by Georges Bizet, directed by Ana Grigorović, and conducted by Stefan Zekić, will be performed on September 6, 9, and 15 on marking the European Day of Jewish Culture.

In the spirit of European initiatives of large opera houses, Rossi Fest presents opera in an ambient space, following the health measures, the significance of which is greater than the removal from the institution. Carmen, one tragedy shows the direction in which the opera is developing, placing before the audience the work significantly changed, without losing anything of its recognizability and authenticity. The production of Rossi Fest focuses on the social issues of Romani and migrants in the system of European countries, who, during the migrant crisis 2015-2019, face various forms of discrimination. Carmen, the first Romani opera heroine, sings about freedom, which is the same freedom endangered social groups seek - the right to move, the right to work, and, finally, the right to free love. The location of the Romani settlement in which the opera takes place is not built artificially. Instead, by selecting Dorćol Platz and Slikarnica of the National Theatre, we created it in a live and authentic locations. The audience is not a mere observer, but a participant in the action, guests in the characters' living space. Such a concept and the adaptation of the opera itself have not been performed in Serbia so far. A socially engaged opera outside the theater is a unique opportunity to present a new form of artistic research and world trend to the opera audience, finally coming to our country.

The production involves a young but well-established creative team of collaborators and performers, which the local audience already recognizes.

Tickets can be purchased online or through Vulkan bookstores.

  • Sunday 06.09 at Dorćol Platz

  • Wednesday 09.09 at Dorćol Platz

  • Tuesday 15.09 at Slikarnica of the National Theatre


Director: Ana Grigorović

Conductor: Stefan Zekić

Scene Design: Dunja Kostić

Costume Design: Ivana Ivić

Choreography: Tamara Pjević

Video: Matija Novaković


Carmen – Nataša Rašić

José – Stevan Karanac, Marko Živković

Escamillo – Vuk Zekić, Luka Jozić

Micaëla – Katarina Radovanović

Lillas Pastia – Nemanja Stamatović

Garcia – Đorđe Živadinović Grgur

Zuniga – Pavle Žarkov

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