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Concert: Portraits and Remembrance

Three psalms for string orchestra

Thursday, January 27th, 8 P.M.

Dorćol platz 19h, Dobračina 59b


Portraits and memories represent one of the basic program elements of Rossi Fest. The World Holocaust Remembrance Day, on January 27, will be marked this year with the composition Three Psalms for String Orchestra by the modern composer David Cesky. In addition to the Jewish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Radan Jovanović, ballet soloists Tamara Pjević and Jakša Filipovac will perform, directed by Ana Grigorović.


Composer David Chesky unveils his most elaborate and moving work to date on Three Psalms for String Orchestra, a contemplative but ultimately uplifting work which details an unfolding inward journey.  Three Psalms carries the listener from spiritual crisis and resignation to re-construction and, finally, an embrace of the universal. The work’s ethereal sweep slowly builds as its expressive climax is captured with the highest level of detail, intimacy, and accuracy possible. Three Psalms is a rewarding and emotionally profound listening experience that will delight lovers of modern music.


The theme Portraits and memories refer to memories of suffering during the Second World War, and composers have the opportunity to contribute to world cultural heritage in the field of preserving the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, but also honoring those who opposed it.

This concept aims to raise awareness of the necessity of promoting education, research, remembrance, and talk about the Holocaust at the highest artistic level by engaging young, talented artists of the most diverse profiles and nationalities, and in this segment, Rossi Fest particularly deepens one of its basic goals, which is in the development of the spirit of tolerance, mutual respect and trust.


Jewish Chamber Orchestra

conductor: Radan Jovanović

ballet soloists: Tamara Pjević, Jakša Filipovac

scenographer: Dunja Kostić

director: Ana Grigorović

Jevrejski kamerni orkestar
Jevrejski kamerni orkestar


Jevrejski kamerni orkestar osnovao je 2012. godine violončeista Ladislav Mezei, u saradnji sa B'nei B'rit ložom Srbije, a članovi orkestra su profesionalni muzičari jevrejskog porekla i njihovih prijatelji. Primarni cilj orkestra predstavljanje muzike jevrejskih kompozitora, kao i drugih kompozitora čija su dela inspirisana jevrejskim temama, a interpretacija orkestra povezana je sa tradicijom, kulturom i istorijom jevrejske zajednice u Srbiji.

Radan jovanovic_edited.jpg
Radan Jovanović, conductor

Radan Jovanović (1990, Sremska Mitrovica) is a pianist and conductor. He completed his undergraduate and master's studies at the FMU in Belgrade in the Piano Department in the class of Ninoslav Živković. He later trained as a conductor. As a conductor, he collaborated with renowned symphonic ensembles in Serbia, such as the Belgrade Philharmonic and the RTS Symphony Orchestra. As a conductor and pianist (solo, as part of chamber ensembles, and as a piano collaborator) he performed all over Serbia, as well as in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  and Croatia. He has also conducted other domestic and foreign ensembles such as Kamerata Kronstadt (Brasov, Romania), Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, Hundred Youth Orchestra (Italy), Gradilište New Music Ensemble, and Jewish Chamber Orchestra (Belgrade). He also worked as a choirmaster with the Obilić AKUD Branko Krsmanović Choir and the Braća Baruh Choir.

He is the founder, artistic director, and chief conductor of the Belgrade Symphony Orchestra. With this ensemble, he performed numerous instrumental and vocal-instrumental works, including the final concerts of the Isidor Bajić Memorial piano competition in Novi Sad and the Lazar Jovanović singing competition in Belgrade. In cooperation with the Belgrade Symphony Orchestra and Choir Obilić AKUD, Branko Krsmanović conducted the Belgrade premiere of Michael Haydn's Requiem at Teatro Madlenianum (2018).

Since 2023, he has been working as an artistic associate (piano collaboration) at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prishtina with a temporary seat in Kosovska Mitrovica.

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